Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources was established under the Decision No. 241/QD-UB-TC of the Chairman of the People’s Committee of An Giang Province, signed on February 21, 2001 as a unit under the University with the vision and mission:


Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources has the mission of training high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate human resources, research, international cooperation and technology transfer in the fields of agriculture, development Rural development and natural resource management contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development for the locality, the Southwest region and the whole country.


Striving to 2030, the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources will become a multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary master and doctoral training center such as Crop Science, Plant Protection, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Medicine, Aquaculture, Food technology, Biotechnology and Rural development; become one of the strong faculty in training, research and technology transfer serving the community recognized internationally. The capacity, quality and professional qualifications of the lecturers have been raised to regional and international levels.

Structure of organization:

Until 6/2021, the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources has 81 faculty members (Female: 44). Teachers with PhD degrees are 30 teachers with 37,5%, masters: 48 (60%). 16 lecturers are attending training courses, of which 13 are doing PhD; 03 lecturers are doing post doctorate; The faculty has 6 departments according to the diagram.

Organization chart of Agriculture and Natural Resources Faculty


Currently, the Faculty has 03 master programs in Crop Science, Animal Husbandry and Food Technology; 08 Bachelor programs and 07 college programs; 07 bachelor programs in the form of continuing education; 02 upgrade programs from colleges to bachelor and 01 training program for second bachelor’s degree.

As of June 2021, the Faculty has educated in total 1,548 students, including: 73 master students; 1,195 bachelors; 61 college students; 219 students of continuing education (Exh.Intro.17). The number of graduated students is over 5,000 bachelor students/15 full-time courses, over 1000 students under graduated students. The ratio of graduates having is over 80% of the graduates. In addition, the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources also has specific exchange and cooperation programs for international students such as:

  1. Cooperation program with Service, Construction and Labor Export Corporation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Oleco), sending third years student to practice agriculture in Israel. There are 102 turns of students were recruited to practice in Israel.
  2. Conducted international student exchange program with universities: University of Andalas. Study tour in Germany, advising international student from Sweden.

Research and international cooperation:

Up to June 2021, the Faculty has 351 published articles in both domestic and foreign journals; implemented 302 projects funded from vary sources. In which 1 ministerial project; 6 provincial projects; 29 elementary projects; 169 university projects; 16 TRIG projects funded by Ministry of Education and Training; 42 projects of MEKARN (Mekong Basin Animal Research Network) and projects from other projects in cooperation with foreign countries. Currently, the faculty is implementing 51 projects (1 Ministry level, 6 provincial level, 5 elemental level, 12 university level, 5 faculty level and 22 student scientific research projects).

The faculty has also conducted international cooperation projects such as: university wetland network project; Project NICHE; The Mekarn Project; Ecosystem service project (sponsored by SIDA/Sweden); Biotrop/SEAMEO Project; JICA project; Project Living Delta (UK) from 2020-2025.