1. What is Biotechnology?

– Biotechnology majors is a science that studies and applies living organisms in combination with technical processes and equipment to create products and industrial-scale production with biological products for the benefit of humans, developing socio-economic and protecting the environment.

2. What knowledge and skills does the Biotechnology majors train?

– Biotechnology training program provides basic knowledge in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, a system of basic and in-depth knowledge of biotechnology in the direction of research and application in the fields of technology. food biotechnology, microbiological biotechnology, biomedical and agricultural biotechnology;

– Train learners with basic practical skills to work in biotechnology laboratories, checking, testing and evaluating product quality. Proficient application of informatics in biotechnology; capable of formulating and implementing options in the field of biotechnology such as propagation, selection and breeding of plants, pest control management, plant protection, research and development of products applying microbial biotechnology, researching secondary active ingredients, protecting the environment in the direction of biotechnology;

– Teamwork skills: Ability to form study groups, work and coordinate well with group members to solve set learning and working goals. Good use of teamwork skills in learning, practice, internship and graduation practice activities.

– Communication skills: Having good communication skills, cognitive skills, teamwork skills and presentation skills,… Besides, the visits, practical internships at the Centers, Research institutes, Companies and Institutions will help students practice and apply their own abilities to new situations to improve their communication skills.

3. Typical specialized subjects?

– Molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, gene technology, analytical techniques in biotechnology, microbial biotechnology, plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, technology food biotechnology, protein and enzyme technology, fermentation technology, microbiology applied in cultivation, microbiology in animal husbandry, microbiology in medicine, microbiology in aquaculture production, microbiological criteria analysis techniques, plant tissue culture, biotechnology application in flower production, genetic basis of plant breeding, genetic basis of animal breeding, biotechnology in pest management , biology energy.

4. Application of biotechnology in life?

– Biotechnology is being applied in many fields such as industry, agriculture, forestry and fishery, food processing, medicine, service, tourism… to serve all the needs of life such as nutrition, entertainment knowledge, health care… with biological knowledge about plants, animals, fungi, bacteria,… In addition, with the application of molecular biology and genetic technology, biotechnologists have created high-yield and high-quality crops and livestock, foods and pharmaceuticals for the treatment of human diseases.

5. Career development opportunities of the biotechnology industry in the future?

After graduating from the University of Biotechnology, students can take on the following positions:

– Research and teaching staff at universities, High Schools, research institutes, Breeding centers;

– Medical checking at Hospitals, Medical Centers;

– Management work at the Departments, Centers, Department of Agriculture;

– Chemical companies, biotechnology equipment;

– Companies of plant seeds, fertilizers and pesticides;

– Veterinary drug and animal feed companies;

– Seafood companies, seafood processing.

6. Why should you choose to study Biotechnology at An Giang University?

Studying biotechnology at An Giang University, students will be provided with a positive learning environment, modern facilities located on a campus of more than 40 hectares. 100% of lecture halls and classrooms are equipped with sound systems, projectors, wifi, meeting the learning requirements of students.

– As a member university of VNU-HCM, An Giang University has been granted the Certificate of Education Quality Standardization by the Education Quality Accreditation Center, VNU-HCM in the 2018-2023 period. and has been an associate member of the Quality Assurance Network (AUN-QA) of the Association of Southeast Asian Universities (AUN) since March 2019.

Biotechnology program is built in the direction of practice – application to meet the recruitment needs of businesses, designed and updated every 2 years to meet the mission of the University to be a center for training quality human resources. high quality, prestigious scientific research and technology transfer.

Students majoring in Biotechnology at An Giang University can study theory in parallel with practice, have many opportunities to practice,  intership at units and facilities related to biotechnology: Mekong Delta Rice Institute, Seed Center – Loc Troi Group …

7. What qualities are suitable for the industry?

– Passionate about scientific research, passionate about new and creative technologies.

Good study in Chemistry, Biology and Foreign Languages. This is a solid foundation for learners to acquire in-depth knowledge about Biotechnology.

Logical thinking, meticulousness, and care, because learners often work with microorganisms, specimens used in tissue and cell culture, etc., and extremely sophisticated and expensive experimental instruments.

8. What combinations of subjects are admission for the Biotechnology major?

– Biotechnology major at An Giang University considers 4 groups: A00, A01, A18, B009. Photos (minimum 3 photos)

9. Actives

Students practice on genetic selection
Laboratory practice
Tissue culture practice
Practice microbial culture
Molecular Biology practice
Practice at the net house
Internship combined with practical experience learning
Annual exchange activities between the Department – Alumni – Students

10. Successful alumni

What is the most valuable thing for you when choosing to study biotechnology at AG University?

– What do you want to say to students who do not feel confident when choosing to study biotechnology?

  1. Nguyen Minh Trang – Alumni of class DH5SH

– Master of Science in Sustainable Development University of Adelaide – Australia

– Current position: Deputy Head of Science, Technology and Environment Department, An Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Question 1: What is the most valuable thing about yourself when you choose to study biotechnology at AGU?

  • When choosing to study biotechnology, I was provided with scientific knowledge that can be said to be the foundation in the field of biotechnology and some necessary skills, so it was very convenient for me to apply while studying and doing graduate research abroad. At the same time, specialized knowledge helps me easily expand and improve my professional qualifications to other fields such as energy environment, food, sustainable development, etc, based on the background of biotechnology

Question 2: What do you want to say to students who do not feel confident when choosing to study biotechnology?

  • Biotechnology is suitable for those who first love the research environment in the laboratory, perform demonstration models and apply research results into practice. This industry is also the optimal choice for those who are passionate about research, creativity, tinkering with research to find new plant varieties, create biological products to serve in medicine and food processing, or environmental treatment ….  It can be said that among the disciplines of the natural sciences, biotechnology is always highly appreciated. Note that economics majors can study for a 2nd degree, but biotechnology is very difficult to study for a 2nd degree. Therefore, if you already love science, then choose biotechnology. To gain a foundation of knowledge in your favorite field, then you can continue to study after graduate school or study another type of diploma in two other disciplines.
  • Bui Chi Tam – Alumni of class DH6SH

– Master of Biotechnology, PhD student in Biotechnology – Can Tho University. – Current position: Head of Genetics & Rice Breeding Department – LOC Troi Institute of Agricultural Research – Dinh Thanh Agricultural Research Center.

1. What is the most valuable thing for you when choosing to study biotechnology at AGU?

To directly study and work with a team of qualified, enthusiastic and ethical teachers

2. What would you like to say to students who don’t feel confident when choosing a biotechnology major?

– When choosing any major, the first thing you need to determine is what job you like to do after you graduate and whether your chosen major meets the requirements for your future job or not. Every profession has its own difficulties and glory, should not discriminate against any profession.

– Once you have chosen the Biotechnology major, after graduation, the job opportunities are quite wide open and multi-field, for example in the field of agriculture (breeding, tissue culture, plant protection, aquaculture), medicine (medical checking, drug research, disease), services (agricultural consulting, pharmacist submission, analysis company), microbiology, national defense. Biotechnology is a field of study of the times, with easy access to world achievements, diverse job opportunities, and high graduate study and study abroad opportunities.

  • Nguyen Tien Duc – Alumni of class DH7SH

– Master of Health Administration, PhD student in Business Administration – Thailand.

– Current position: Operation Director of Saigon Eye Hospital – Can Tho, Operation Director of Pacific Medical Group (Quang Nam).

Question 1: What is the most valuable thing about yourself when you choose to study biotechnology at AGU?

Biotechnology is one of the spearhead branches of science in the world. And in Vietnam, the biotechnology industry has also been focused on developing from a very early age, shaping very valuable fields. Studying biotechnology at AGU helps me to have a solid foundation, multi-disciplinary and always keep up with the trend with the development of industries. Therefore, the biotechnology industry at AGU gives me confidence when integrating with young people of my age in the period of rapid social change, catching up with the constantly innovative requirements of employers. And also very willing to engage in in-depth research or learn about science to help further career development

Question 2: What do you want to say to students who do not feel confident when choosing to study biotechnology?

When you intend to choose a certain field of study, try answering the following questions:

– Are you a person who likes to be different? Or like to learn what’s interesting?

– Are you ready to take on the challenge to see how limited you are?

– Do you believe that the things you know are only a tiny part of this vast knowledge world?

If all your answers are “YES”. You should think about choosing to study biotechnology. Because this industry will give you very satisfactory answers.

And moreover will be a very good launchpad for opportunities that you do not expect in the near future. Wish you always success in your education and create your own values.

  • Vo Dang Khoa – Alumni of class DH8SH

–  Current position: Marketing Director of Tan Hung Vietnam Company.

Question 1: What is the most valuable thing about yourself when you choose to study biotechnology at AGU?

Have a complete mindset of knowledge, skills, professional attitudes, self-study and enterprising spirit after graduation.

Enjoy many favorable factors to support the job after graduation thanks to the cordial relationship from AG University to the Faculty – Department – Alumni and current students. In addition, through this connection, it will help students have more opportunities to study, share experiences with siblings and have more job opportunities and work experience after graduation.

Question 2: What do you want to say to students who do not feel confident when choosing to study biotechnology?

You should strongly choose the biotechnology major at AG University because in addition to the hardware is the specialized knowledge of the program, through the link between the University – Faculty – Department of Biotechnology and the alumni will fully equip you of soft skills, help you have enough mind – enough reach to conquer personal career goals after graduation.

Four years of studying at AG University will be a full and exciting journey waiting for you to conquer!