Food technology
  • What is food technology?

Food Technology program trains bachelors working in food industry, the department educate workforces who have knowledge on processing and preserving agricultural products (meat, fish, eggs, dairy, vegetables, grains, etc..), inspecting and assessing product quality, operating production lines, principles and applications of quality assurance, and developing new food products.

  • What are knowledge and skills are educated in food technology?

Bachelor in food technology will learn basic and specialized knowledge in food science and food processing such as: Food biochemistry; hygiene and food safety; analysis and testing of food materials and analysis and assessment food quality; Food processing techniques… Student could learn soft skill such as researching, writing report, team working, problem solving. They have ability to manage and  operate food processing line; organise and manage production in the field of food industry.

  • Typical subjects?

Food biochemistry, food analysis, principle of food processing, principles of food preservation, food quality management, functional foods, food nutrition, food packaging, food law.

  • Food technology applications?

Value of agricultural products including: fruits, livestock, poultry, seafood value could be enhanced using food processing techniques. Food technology  could extend the storage time, reduce losses, improve quality, safety of agricultural products. Food technology could be applied to manage food production processes in the term of safety, quality and effectively, the term are crucial for food industry. The applications of food knowledge are showed in researching and developing new food products to satisfy the diverse demands of society.

  • Career opportunities  

Member or leader of quality assessment(QA), quality control (QC)  in food industry. R&D team leader, team member in food industry. Food specialist in food marketing. Consultant in major of food law and regulation (domestic and international). Food hygiene and safety manager/agencies, food nutritionist. Researcher in universities or research institutions. Continue to study Master’s, Doctorate in Food Science and Technology. Start-up private business.

  • Why study food technology in AGU?

Quality is confirmed in more than 20 years. Modern equipment for learning, practice and research. The best quality lecturers, 100% are have master degree, 50% are doctor and an associate professor. Lecturers have been trained abroad such as: Australia, Korea, Finland and Thailand.

  • Entrance

A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry); B00 (Math, Chemistry, Biology);

C05 (Literature, Physics, Chemistry); D01 (Literature, Math, English)

  •  Activities

Đào Hữu Trung (DH4)

Managing Director of Huu Bach – Tay Ninh Safe Agricultural Products Co., Ltd

Nguyễn Dương Chí Thiện (DH7)

Deputy Head of Quality and Product Development Department – Loc Troi Group Joint Stock Company, Food industry

Nguyễn Trường Thịnh (Khóa 3)

Deputy Director in charge of Sales Luong Quoi Coconut Processing Co., Ltd-Ben Tre

Name of School issue certificate

An Giang University

Management Unit

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Program Name

Food Technology

Opening Year


Enrolment Block


Mode of study

Full-time, Regular

The Total Volume of Knowledge

147 Credits

Graduate Title