Animal Science


  1. What is the goal of the Animal science?

Training technical staffs with basic knowledge; knowledge and skills on animal science and disease prevention and treatment; having right attitudes toward work and professional ethics; ability to cooperate and adapt to diverse jobs, meeting the social demand  of the whole country as well as the Mekong Delta region in the field of Animal science and Veterinary medicine; ability to self-study and foster for career change or graduate study.

  • What knowledge and skills were obtained from the Animal science?

The educational program of Animal science is designed to provide students with specialized knowledge and skills in the field of Animal science and Veterinary medicine. The educational program is highly applicable in production, management, and scientific research.

  • Typical specialized subjects?

+ Knowledge in Animal science: Animal nutrition; Animal feed; Genetics and breeding; Pig production; Poultry production; Cattle and buffalo production; Management of livestock production; Feed processing technology.

+ Knowledge in Veterinary science: Veterinary pharmacology; Veterinary microbiology; Infectious diseases; Internal medicine, External medicine and veterinary obstetrics.

Students also have the opportunity to approach, learn and directly practice through internships and field visits at companies, vet stations, farms and establishments producing animal feed and veterinary medicine.

  • Application of Animal science?

After graduating, students can confidently apply knowledge to improve the well being and quality of livestock production, through feeding and caring of animal, diagnose and treatment of animal diseases, protecting animal health and the environment.

  • Career development opportunities for Animal science degree graduates?

Animal science degree provides graduates with many employment opportunities in domestic and joint venture companies in the field of Animal science and Veterinary medicine: animal feed manufactures, animal pharmaceutical companies; processing of livestock products, product inspection; farm owner or business in animal feed and livestock equipment. For example: CP Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company, Cargill Vietnam, Greenfeed Vietnam Cooperation, Masan Meatlife, De Heus Vietnam, Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company,…

State management agencies: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Division of Agriculture and Rural Development, Sub-department of Livestock production and Animal health,…

Institutes, universities, colleges, intermediate professional education as teaching or research staff.

Especially: Human resources are always needed in following businesses:

– The largest dairy farm established by TH True Milk company in Tri Ton district

– Pig breeding farms established by of Viet Thang An Giang Livestock Breeding Company Limited in Tri Ton and Tinh Bien districts.

  • Why should you choose studying Animal science at An Giang University?
    • Teaching staffs are highly qualified and experienced.
    • The educational program ispractical and reality.
    • Modern equipment for teaching.
    • Modern facilities: system of laboratory, experimental site and veterinary clinic to help students improve their skills.
    • Abundant job opportunities with high income.
    • Opportunities for further studies in Vietnam and abroad.
  • Qualities required for a Animal science student?

Diligent, industrious and creative.

  • Which subject combinations for Animal science examine?

Selection combination: A00, B00, C08, D01

  •  Photos (minimum 3 industry photos)

10. Successful alumni: select at least 03 successful alumni 

– Alumni of Animal science, class DH8CN (2007-2011).
Director of Poultry products, CJ Vina Agri Company Limited
“ ✓ We are idealists.
✓ You should confidently walk in your route.
✓ Be the ones who shape the future of our agriculture.”

As an alumnus of Animal science, class DH8CN, I graduated and started working from April 2011 until now, I want to say that:

– Being an engineer who is attached to the traditional profession which is highly respected by farmers.

– Your personal value makes benefit for yourself, your family and everyone in the society.

– All professions have different unique values, you are the one who gives ideas, operates and develops.

– Let’s choose your own job, let’s love them, explore and create more. Passion makes life interesting.

– Each job has its own importance and is valued by society.

For example: 60% of employees in my current company are from animal science and vet medicine background, the rest is from biotechnology research, marketing, accounting, management, information technology, banking,  Therefore, animal science is considered as one of the “key” of today economy.

– Agriculture is developing strongly, leading by the livestock industry and followed by other industries (robots, tractors, automobiles, ..).

– With a population of over 94 million people, there is a huge demand of food from livestock industry.

– The industrial livestock system accounts for 30% and you are needed to build and develop the livestock industry. – Animal science can be applied in animal genetic and breeding, researching nutritional formulas, new farming models, testing raw materials – products, …