Crop Science


  • What Crop Science major is about?

Crop Science is the major study of plants and all factors affecting the growth of plants such as light, water, temperature, breeding, nutrients, fertilizers, pesticides, plant genetics together with conditions preventing plant’s growing plants such as weeds, diseases, insects…

  • What knowledge and skills does Crop Science major provide?

Students of Crop Science are equipped with critical and creative thinking skills to solve particular problems both in research and crop production (for food crops, fruit trees, vegetables, cash crops, medical plants); techniques to produce crops with high yield, good quality to achieve food safety and environmental protection; skills in diagnosing symptoms of nutritional deficiency, pests and diseases in order to apply appropriate treatments; skills in designing and implementing scientific research experiments in the field of plant science.

  • What are typical specialized subjects?

– Agro-chemistry, soil study

– Techniques for plant cultivation

– Plant physiology and nutrition

– Pests and control treatments

  • How the Crop Science major isapplied in life?

– Applying new techniques to rice, fruit, vegetables, and cash crops.

– Supporting students to start up rise based on the knowledge they have learned

  • Where can students of Crop Science apply for jobs?

After completing the undergraduate program in Crop Science at An Giang University, graduates can take up jobs in the following positions:

  1. Organizations related in agricultural fields: Dept. of Agriculture and Rural Development at central and district levels; Agricultural Extension Center, Plant breeding Center, Agricultural Extension Station, Plant Protection Sub-Department, Plant Protection Station… and enterprises related to agriculture.
  2. Institutes, research centres, domestic and foreign organizations related to agriculture.
  3. Education and training institutions: Universities, colleges, high schools…
  4. Start-up in crop production and agricultural services, seeding, agrochemicals.
  •  Why should students study Crop Science at An Giang University?

Low cost, environmentally

– Located in the key agricultural production area of the Mekong Delta, so many opportunities to experience real-life can be taken.

– Young, enthusiastic and highly qualified teaching lecturers

  •  What are characteristics suitable for Crop Science major?

Following the trend of high-tech agricultural production

– The training place of the industry is located in the area specialized in agricultural production.

– Meet very high work needs of businesses and companies that have cooperated with the AGU

  •  What combinations of subjects do students need to take to join in?

A00: Math, Physic, Chemistry

C15: Literature, Math, Social Science

B00: Math, Chemistry, Biology

D01: Literature, Math, English 

  • Photos
Students of Class 15TT went on a field trip to study
Students of Class 15TT went on a field trip to study
Crop Science students with certificates on gradation day
  • Successful Alumni
Tran Vinh Phat, alumni of ĐH9TT (Director of LLC Bao Ve Mua Mang Dong A)
Ha Minh Tam, alumni of ĐH8TT, Head of technology Dept. of LLC Sumofarm
Truong Huu Dai alumni of DH14TT, Technical staff of VFC Company
Mr. Dai expressed that being a student of Crop Science in AGU, he had leant new knowledge from lecturers with good expertise and enthusiasm. He would like to send a message to all new students in Crop science that they should take part in lecturers’ researches as soon as possible through trips and experiments to gain experiences and skills.